What to ACTUALLY Expect After Divorce

Marriage is a lifetime agreement. Any attempt to end it would entail much time, money and effort. Most marriages are more than just a union of two people but of two families. Expect disputes on custody and properties.

Divorce seeks to have a clear resolution regarding these matters—ending the marriage. The parties involved should anticipate some contentions among the parties involved. So, what else should you actually expect after divorce?

Informing the Concerned Parties

Informing your children is probably the hardest. There would probably be a thousand questions that the children will ask, including a plea to reconsider. This is why parents should be patient and understanding. 

Both parents should face the children. However, there are cases when this situation is not possible because of a safety issue or just to avoid confrontations. 

Immediate family members like the parents and siblings should be informed. Other close friends and extended family have a right to know. This should not be as difficult as the conversation with the children since the stakes are not as high. Thus, the ex-spouses could approach their respective parties separately.

You don’t need a formal announcement party. The respondents should only involve those who have a real stake in your union—specifically those who would show genuine concern and not just see your divorce as a juicy topic for gossip.

Employers and Co-Workers

Divorce will definitely affect the careers of both parties, no matter how much they try to set it aside. At the very least, the respondents will have to attend hearings and other proceedings. They may have to stay home for an appointment with Child Protection Services and this can entail extended absences in the workplace. The employer needs to be informed of the situation. 

Co-workers who have met the other spouse and have sustained contact should also be informed out of courtesy. This is to prevent any awkward invitations for double dates and similar activities. 

Prepare for Judgment

This is not the judgment in the divorce court. The public eye will not give you too many chances to clarify or defend yourself. Divorce is not an easy topic to hide. You will hear unsolicited opinions from people who are not even remotely involved. As you would only inform people who matter, then you should only value the opinions of the same people. 

Stress and more Stress

Divorce is never a pleasant thing, which is why most couples would rather avoid it. You will be hearing accusations and contentions as well.

The only consolation for divorce is that after the process, the path for both parties will finally be defined, and the state will have properly decided what is best for the children’s welfare.

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