Life Insurance in a Divorce Settlement

Divorce is probably the last thing on your mind on your wedding day. There is the talk of “forever” and “for better or worse,” and even just a thought of the marriage not working would be unacceptable.After the wedding bliss wears off, the reality of marriage sets in. The truth is, over 40% of marriages end in divorce. Despite the increasing options for married couples for counseling, therapy, retreats and other Read More

Losing Friends Due to a Divorce

Divorces can affect more than just your relationship with your spouse and, to a certain extent, their family. Sometimes you can also end up losing friends because of a divorce. Whether you’ve just gone through a divorce or are still going through it, there’s a chance that something like this might happen. If you feel worried, that’s fine. But don’t let that worry get to you. Continue reading on and maybe you can pick Read More

Enforcing Divorce and Custody Orders

In this post, I will try to help you understand a bit more about judicial orders pertaining to Custody and Property Division. These are orders issued by the court after a hearing that you and your ex-spouse must comply with.Orders are normally issued after a hearing but temporary orders may be issued during the pendency of a trial. Here are examples of some judicial orders you may encounter: Habeas Corpus is a Read More

#MeToo Effect on Marriages

The rise of the #MeToo movement has brought sexual abuse and harassment incidents into the light of the day. It has now penetrated the cloak of marriage. High profile husbands were even exposed.More Attention for WivesExposure to celebrity husbands’ sexual abuse is a milestone. Especially since they were previously untouchables. Advocates of the #MeToo movement will be quick to point out that it is only the first Read More

5 Things You Learn from a Custody Battle

Custody battles can get very bloody sometimes. They are called battles after all. And just like any battle, this kind will really test you and even push you to the limit sometimes. But you have to remember to keep on keeping on as these things go along because you’re not only fighting for your child, you’re also kind of fighting yourself. Going through a custody battle can help you grow and learn more about Read More

What to Do When You Are Served With Divorce Papers

 You could have been talking with your spouse about getting a divorce or you could be totally in the dark when you receive your divorce papers from a law enforcement officer. Whatever your level of awareness is, getting served your divorce papers can be a quite unnerving experience. You will basically be notified that a lawsuit has been filed in court against you. You will also be informed that you need to respond Read More

Is a Sperm Donor Father Required to Pay Child Support?

Being a sperm donor can be a pretty rewarding thing. As a sperm donor, you can help a couple that is unable to have a child on their own. You can help give them something they want but can’t have, and that’s a pretty noble thing to do. But what happens if things get complicated and suddenly, you’re being asked to pay for child support?The US Law on Sperm DonorsAs a general law, the United States protects sperm donors Read More

How to Convince Yourself to Stop Stalking Your Ex

Moving on after a divorce can be really hard. Residual feelings might make it hard for you to stop thinking about your ex, and this might even lead you to stalk them on social media. If you find yourself doing this, it might only really do more harm than good. If you seem to relate to this, maybe keep on reading. Because there are a few things that you need to know.Stop ItMaybe your friends and family have already Read More

How to Keep Your Role as a Mother to Your Kids After Divorce when You are a Non-custodial Parent

One of the biggest issues to resolve in a divorce is custody of the children. There is a common notion or expectation that the mother gets custody. That is unless it is subsequently proven that she is unfit or unqualified. This is not accurate. The actual statute of the law is that custody of the child will be awarded to the primary caregiver. That is not always the mother. There are also many instances wherein the Read More

How to Establish Paternity in Texas

When a married couple has a child, even without properly establishing paternity, people will automatically assume that the husband is the father. In order for that thought to be legally changed at court, ample evidence is necessary.It’s different when an unmarried couple has a child, it is often necessary for one parent to establish the identity of the father of the child. This is very important because this is the Read More