Is My Divorce Public?

Publicity can be good or bad. It just depends on the situation. If you achieve something incredible, for example, a little publicity about that achievement of yours won’t hurt. But when it comes to more personal matters such as your divorce, it’s different. Your divorce is part of your private life, after all. But since your divorce is technically a public document, will everyone be able to see it?Accessing Public Read More

How to Start a Divorce in Texas

 When you are trying to file for divorce in a Texas Family court, for sure there will be a lot of things that you would be considering. You will be anxious about what you need to do before you divorce your spouse and how you should prepare for it. Even if you know exactly how to prepare for your divorce, it can be tough if you don’t know how to start the process exactly. You will also be considering many things aside Read More

Should I Divorce a Spouse Drowning in Debt?

Working through a marriage takes a lot of work. You’ll need to learn how to live together with someone, work out your differences and problems, and learn how to support each other among other things. Part of the several things you’ll need to work together on would be your finances. Since you’re now living together, you’ll have to both learn how to spend within your means and make sure you have enough to keep on Read More

How to Keep Your Role as a Father to Your Kids After Divorce When You Are a Non-Custodial Parent

You recently got divorced. Your ex-partner has custody over your kids. Now, you’re living on your own or at least living apart from them. Does this sound familiar? If it does, chances are you might be worrying about how you can still be a father to your children. Well, as much as this is a rather scary thought, this really shouldn’t worry you so much. Just because you don’t have custody over your children doesn’t Read More

What to Expect in Texas Divorce Court

The things that you have to expect in family law courts in Texas could be one of the things you are concerned about. If you have just filed for divorce or recently started a child custody case, you would surely have a lot of questions about how things go in the family courts in Texas. Especially if you have never been to a court before, this can be a source of worry. First of all, you need to understand that in most Read More

Does my Ex-Spouse and His New Wife have the Right to Adopt My Child?

After the divorce has been declared final, the two ex-spouses have to face their new lives. They have to live with the terms of the divorce. This includes matters on child custody, visitation rights, child support, and alimony. There is a big possibility that one or both ex-spouses will remarry. This should not be an issue for the other parent. After divorce, both are no longer bound to each other, aside from the Read More

Can You Change Your Child’s Surname After Divorce?

A divorce will bring about numerous changes in a family. One can even say that there is no family anymore since there would only be a parent and a child in one home, with the other parent somewhere else. Aside from the physical changes, there would also be legal changes, and that could reflect in the name of the divorced wife if she decides to use her maiden name again. However, the name of the child is a different Read More

Obtaining Alimony While Divorce is Pending, Possible?

Despite the rising number of women in the workplace, there are still many married couples that choose to have one parent staying with the children. It is not an easy sacrifice to make, and in case there is a divorce, one parent may be placed at a disadvantage.Alimony in TexasAlimony, or spousal support, or maintenance is a court-ordered provision for support for a spouse. It is different from child support. This is a Read More

Must-Know Facts about Modifying Child Support in Texas

The guidelines for child support changes in Texas can be found in the Texas Family Code. There are rules that are strictly imposed when it comes to making child support changes in Texas.There are many factors that can lead to changes in the child support amount. These factors can include a significant increase or in a decrease in income.Child support changes in Texas must be done officially, with the judge’s Read More

Child Timeshare Requirements in Texas

Among the many things that you’ll have to sort out during your divorce, child timeshare would be one of them. Child timeshare, as the name might imply, is basically the amount of time a child will get to spend with each parent. In a way, you can think of it as sorting out visitation rights for your child. Now if you’re from Texas and find yourself in a situation where you might have to sort this out, but have no idea Read More