LGBT Families

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Branch Family Law understands the sometimes unique dynamics and legal needs of LGBT families in Texas. We offer you detailed and effective family law services in the areas of separation and divorce, child custody and access, second parent adoptions, surrogacy, and more.

LGBT Marriage And Divorce Law in Texas

In 2015 the United States Supreme Court issued the monumental decision that made same-sex marriages legal in every state. The granting of this fundamental right also provided the right to seek a separation or divorce, apply for custody of minor children, divide community property, and more.

Same-Sex Couple Adoption in Texas

LGBT couples and individuals in Texas have different options when they want to become parents via adoption. They are:

  • Second parent adoptions, which is when one partner applies to adopt the other parent’s biological or adopted children
  • Joint adoptions, where the couple adopts a child together
  • Single parent adoptions that allow individuals to adopt on their own

Although same-sex relationships are recognized as legal throughout Texas, some family law situations may still raise legal questions. Attorney Crista Marichalar Branch will enforce your rights as a partner, spouse, or parent during settlement negotiations, mediation, and even litigation.

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