When Circumstances Change, We Can Help

We all know that life can change unexpectedly. You could be laid off, suffer an unexpected illness or disability, or experience another event that impacts your income. While these changes are difficult for anyone, it’s especially hard when you have children to support.

When you are facing financial hardship, it may be possible to petition for a Texas child support modification. The court will consider modification requests when you can prove a significant change in your circumstances, such as:

  • Unemployment
  • Reduced working hours (directed by the employer)
  • Poor health due to illness or injury

Conversely, if you receive a promotion and raise or your former spouse encounters a financial setback, they can petition for a child support modification that increases the monthly support due. In this instance, the goal is to allow your children to benefit from your increased income or prevent them from being impacted economically by the custodial parent’s financial difficulties.

Changes in your child’s life can also support a modification. As they grow, they will most likely require additional support to meet their needs for food, clothing, and education. If the child is diagnosed with special needs, the custodial parent may petition for additional support to cover the cost of therapy, special tutors or classes, and more.

Contact a San Antonio Child Support Modification Attorney

When your monthly child support payments need to increase or decrease, always seek a modification through the courts. Many people make the mistake of creating a verbal agreement with their ex only to encounter difficulties when the latter reneges, leaving them with no legal standing to enforce a higher or lower payment.

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