Understanding How Spousal Support Is Calculated in Texas

Spousal support is designed to protect a spouse who earns less or is a stay-at-home parent from being harmed financially by divorce. It helps them meet their basic needs as they develop the job skills needed to support themselves and contribute to the support of their children. At one time, spousal support applicants were exclusively women. Now, with careers being the norm for both spouses and more men becoming Read More

4 Reasons a DIY Divorce Is a Bad Idea

You may have heard the old saying, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” It’s a good thing to bear in mind when thinking about DIY divorce. We live in an era of information sharing. There’s a tutorial for practically everything on YouTube, from renovating your basement to learning a language, and information that was once limited to licensed professionals who knew how to act on it is now available to the Read More

How To Help Your Child Cope With Your Divorce

If you are getting a divorce, you won’t really need other people to tell you that it’s going to be tough for your child. You would feel it in your bones – children will usually have it worse. As children are growing, they thrive well if the environment is stable and consistent. If some areas of their lives are in turmoil, it could affect everything else and their outlook can change enormously. You can expect them to Read More

An Overview of the Standard Visitation Schedule in Texas

Most of the time, parents undergoing a divorce find their child visitation schedule one of the most difficult things thing to deal with.  Child custody and divorce is challenging enough, but dealing with the changes where you’d have to visit your child while following a tight schedule is pretty tough. Parents facing this scenario tend to disagree on who gets to spend time with the child on which days of the week. Read More

When Child Support Does Not Follow the Statutory Guidelines

 Child support is a sensitive matter that is usually based on statutory guidelines. Unfortunately, in some cases, these statutory guidelines may not be applicable. These guidelines are from the Texas Family Code, which states the level of child support that courts should base on when giving child support orders. The guidelines start at 20% of the parent’s net monthly income for one child, and it can go up to 40% to Read More

Things to Do Before Calling it Quits with an Abuser

There are many types and forms of domestic abuse. It may be physical, emotional, legal, financial, or a combination of some or all of these types. Domestic abuse is a criminal pattern of undue coercion, control and power of one person over another in a relationship. It is simply any form of threatening and alarming behaviors against the victim.The behavior of abusers develops through their childhood. They started to Read More

The Importance of Obtaining Full Custody During Divorce

Understanding the ProcessThe process of obtaining child custody in Texas can really be an arduous and perplexing task. Many parents think that they can just explain to a judge why he or she should be granted full custody. However, the process is much more than just that. The judge can even decide on not giving full custody of the child to either parents. The judge may decide so if both parents are unfit. In this Read More

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When You Should Cut Off Your Ex

Getting through a break up can be tough. Residual feelings can make it especially hard for you to move on as your mind may still be stuck in the memories of your relationship. And though reminiscing is good, it’ll only do you more harm than good if you’re doing it fresh from a breakup. After all, some people find it virtually impossible to move on. It is a big step. But even if it is, that step must be taken Read More

Life Insurance in a Divorce Settlement

Divorce is probably the last thing on your mind on your wedding day. There is the talk of “forever” and “for better or worse,” and even just a thought of the marriage not working would be unacceptable.After the wedding bliss wears off, the reality of marriage sets in. The truth is, over 40% of marriages end in divorce. Despite the increasing options for married couples for counseling, therapy, retreats and other Read More