New Year, New You: Making an Estate Plan

Every new year brings a renewed sense of optimism and possibilities, but that feeling, for just about anybody, is compounded in 2021 as we bid farewell to 2020. Last year was certainly one for the record books — and not in a good way. As we begin the new year, Branch Family Law encourages you to take a second (or first) look at your estate plan.  What will happen to your property if you were to suddenly pass away? Read More

How to Be a Good Co-Parent During the Holidays

Co-parenting is a challenge at the best of times. During the holidays, it can feel like a hellscape. No matter what it is you celebrate—Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s—you are used to celebrating it with your kid. You are used to celebrating it in a specific way. When you have half the time that you used to have with your child, and you have to navigate with your ex to secure that time, it can make the Read More

4 Things You Should Do to Financially Prepare for Divorce

Divorce is a major life event. You probably spent weeks and months contemplating whether or not you should actually file for it, and you made the (likely correct) decision to go forward with it. Now, there’s a lot you need to prepare for, and readying your finances is near the top of the list. We will go over some of the actions you need to take before you file the petition for divorce.  Start gathering documents. Read More

Recognizing Domestic Violence Awareness Month and How to Break the Cycle

Domestic violence cases have jumped since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.   Simply put, domestic violence is a pattern of behavior that an abuser uses to control or have power over their partner or a family member. Abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, financial, psychological or committed through acts or threats.  Abuse is not just black eyes and bruises. Abuse can be humiliation, manipulation, Read More

Domestic Violence: Family Violence Protective Orders in Texas

You might know it as a “restraining order,” which is confusing because restraining orders are a real legal tool in Texas. However, restraining orders are used in a different context than protective orders, which are aimed to help victims or potential victims of domestic violence in Texas. This blog will explore the general contours of protective orders for victims of family violence.  How is “Family Violence” Read More

Divorce and Retirement: How Financial Accounts Are Handled in a Texas Divorce

After the question of child custody and division of large assets like houses and vehicles, one of the most fought-over assets in a divorce are retirement accounts. Both spouses are eager to keep at least a portion of these funds that will serve them well into their golden years. To understand how retirement accounts are handled in a Texas divorce, it must first be understood that retirement accounts are considered Read More

Best Interest of the Child

The “best interest of the child” alone is what prevails in most custody cases. There is not a clear definition or standard  that the courts use to determine what is the best interest of the child.  What one parent feels is in the best interest is often different to the other parent, especially In  a custody case.   Courts want to hear how well or bad the child is doing in school; how the child interacts with the Read More

Video Chatting with Your Child

As we continue to shelter in place, facetime and zoom calls are becoming more prevalent in our day to day activities. If your child lives out of town and you aren’t able to visit with in person then a video call can be a great substitute. Here are some tips to engage your child.  It’s hard to capture a child’s attention during phone/video calls. I have 3 kids and while they say they want to talk on the phone they Read More

5 Tips for Breaking the News of Your Divorce to Your Kids

On top of making sure your divorce papers are in order and that you have prepared for the turbulent months ahead, you also have the daunting task of telling your children that mommy and daddy are not going to be married anymore. To be clear, there is no sure way to know how your children will react to the news of your divorce. Additionally, children will react differently based on their age and countless other Read More

4 Benefits of a Premarital Agreement

Prenuptial agreements have a certain stigma attached to them. Many people think of these documents as a surrender, of sorts, that a marriage is not going to last or that the wealthy spouse uses prenuptials for selfish reasons.  The truth is that these agreements do not have a significant impact on the durability of marriages. What’s more is that there are many benefits spouses may realize from entering into a Read More