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Crista Branch and her staff are professional to the core. She helped me with my very difficult case and I came through with the best results I could not have imagined. She (as well as her staff) know their way around the courtroom and insisted we take the high road during my divorce case. In doing so, I believe this contributed to success for my case. I highly recommend the Branch Law Firm to anyone seeking an attorney.

Kenneth Roller

Brooke Irey initiated my case. She was amazing in providing responsive, professional and compassionate service. Justin Niedens represented me during trial and after. Justin was a bulldog, and i would hire him to represent me on any case., as my husband would say. He really cared, and that meant alot.
Thank you Brooke, Justin and the Branch staff for being compassionate, thorough and professional from beginning to end.

Hecdris B

Crista was very helpful in getting my daughters out of a bad situation. She did a great job in getting me custody of my daughters. Because of her ability to navigate the legal / CPS system they have grown up to be smart strong young women.

Carl Conn

I have worked with Crista Branch on several professional committees and have observed her in court. She is a skilled trial lawyer and excellent advocate. She is practical and compassionate.

Karen Marvel

Christa Branch and her team understand what it means to be at a place in your life where you need to ask for help. We all do from time to time. They’re knowledgeable, compassionate, and positive. They have your interests at heart and will work hard to help achieve your goals.

Randi Johnson

I have consulted with Ms. Branch for many years on a number of different legal matters. She is highly competent, thorough and attentive to clients’ needs. She and her staff always responds to my communications. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Jaclyn Collins

Branch Family Law has helped me numerous times for writing legal documents to child support cases. They give top quality support and I recommend the highly!

Jon Cordova

Awesome service every time, they’re always on your side!! always willing to go the extra mile.

Cristi Miller

Great help in family issues. I would highly recommend legal services.

David Wood

Amazing attorney that gets amazing results!

Shauna Zamarripa