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Branch Law Firm has been serving the family law needs of clients in and around San Antonio, Texas, for over 17 years. We have helped them achieve new beginnings, grow their families, ensure that their children have been provided for financially, and more. Many of them have provided testimonials below, so if you’re wondering what it’s like to work with us, please read on!

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Crista, I just want to tell you what great staff you have at your firm. Always helpful and friendly. You will be my law firm whenever I need a lawyer. Thanks for everything.

I’ll always remember when I first came into your firm falling apart and you told me to look in that mirror, it helped me feel a little better at the time.

Roy G.

I hired Mr. Justin Niedens for my divorce/custody case and he gave me a win. I won custody of my son and will forever be thankful to him for this. I highly recommend him. He is an outstanding lawyer, adviser, negotiator and a good person with a great personality. I am so blessed to have gotten him to handle my case. He offered good advice and guidance and listened to my concerns. He had my best interest in mind all the time during my difficult time. He kept me up-to-date on my case progress and explained things thoroughly and promptly answered my questions about concerns.


Crista is amazing. She represented me during my divorce and made the process as painless as possible. She is very understanding and hard working. Thank you Crista!

Julie C.

Branch Law Firm becomes your family while you are going through your legal issue. They are professional, well respected in the area, and have a ton of experience. I am very grateful for the Branch Law Firm team.

Linda H.

I hired Crista late in my child custody case, and she has had to clean up a mess that was created by my previous attorney and myself. She has been honest about things since the beginning by telling me upfront what may or may not work. She knows how to cover all bases when things arise in order to get control of the situation and do what is best for my daughter. Crista and her paralegals are really good about returning calls, emails, and keeping me calm as things keep popping up in my case. They seem to really care about what is best for my daughter. Crista remembers every little detail about my case so I don’t have to continually give her a summary of what is going on. I know I am not her only client, but she definitely makes me feel like it every time I speak with her and when we are in court. I was worried about hiring another attorney due to my lack of assistance previously, however, Crista has restored my faith in lawyers.


I have known Crista since college. She was focused and devoted to studying law and becoming a moral and legal expert. She has handled my divorce with great decorum, and made a difficult time much easier for me. Since then she also has handled my grandparents estate which was much more complicated than expected, and drawn up family wills anticipating any scenarios that could create complications. She is personable, empathetic with her clients, but has no hesitation with being aggressive when necessary to get the appropriate rights for her clients. She is absolutely a wonderful attorney and ally.


Crista Marichalar handled my case for me which involved settling my late father’s estate in the interest of my mother who was his beneficiary. His Will was, unfortunately, not written by Mrs. Marichalar. When she and her staff attempted to get the Will probated, the judge found a discrepancy in signatures of one of the witnesses and because of that, the judge delayed the probate. This caused me undue inconvenience in trying to settle my dad’s Estate on behalf of my mom since I was the Executrix of my dad’s estate. Now Ms.Maricharlar had to locate that witness who at the time of the writing of the Will, was working for another law firm. Now, the witness was no longer working for the previous law firm and could not be found. This required much time and dedication on behalf of Ms. Marichalar and her staff to try to track down this person, which after much effort, was found. However, after locating the witness, she was not readily agreeing to appear in court and testifying before the judge, that indeed both signatures were hers evident in the Will and the error was hers.
As stated, this turn of events required much time and energy and dedication of service to client for this situation to be resolved in my favor, but with Ms. Marichalar’s tenacity and determination to serve her client in a most professional manner, the situation was resolved with the Will probated and my mom’s legal interests were protected and my execution of the responsibilities laid before me could continue. I could never repay my attorney for the service, dedication, determination, and professionalism she demonstrated in helping me in a time of grief and despair. Ms. Marichalar would not give up until she saw the situation resolved as only it should be. I feel it important to state as well, Ms. Marichalar was readily available when needed and returned calls when necessary in a timely manner without attaching an additional charge to her services. This does suggest that she is compassionate and a dedicated professional as well as an Attorney worthy of recognition not only by her clients but by her peers as well.


I am forever grateful for how quickly and professionally Ms.Branch handled my case. Mine was not an easy one. Lots of things came up surrounding my case that required her immediate assistance and she was there. She handed it. No sweat. And the end results of that were glorious! So many prayers answered and she was a big part of that! No nonsense and was always honest with me about what can and cannot be done.
My family and I are whole again. Thanks to her.
I recommend her to women with nasty custody suits. I hope she can help them experience the same tears of joy and wave of relief that I did. A long time coming.


Crista Marichalar was hired by recommendation. She was chosen for her excellent service and credentials in her field of study. She listened to my concerns. She was very professional, respectful, and discreet. Ultimately, she was successful. I highly recommend Crista Marichalar for your legal needs!


I hired Ms. Marichalar to help me with my divorce which involved division of assets centered around a complex division of home equity transaction. In addition, during this process my ex-spouse changed attorneys three (3x) times; all in all, my divorce has lasted over two years.

During this entire process, Ms. Marichalar remained calm, determined and in control. Because of the multiple changes in my ex-spouse’s attorneys, she took over the drafting of the divorce decree as well as the division of the assets. She protected my interests, told me when I being unrealistic (or unreasonable) and managed to keep me calm during a very stressful period in my life.

Finally, Ms. Marichalar fees were very reasonable and fair; she took care to keep her hours to a minimum. She maintained a cheerful, confident demeanor and has a very professional staff.