Grandparents’ Rights

Legal Solutions For Grandparents And Grandchildren

Family life does not always follow a straight and narrow story. Adult children are sometimes incapacitated, incarcerated or deployed overseas in the military. For a variety of reasons, many grandparents find themselves raising grandchildren for extended periods of time or indefinitely.

Grandparents in parental roles soon realize their need for legal authority to enroll their grandchildren in school, take them to the doctor and watch out for many other areas of their lives. Critical questions then come up, such as:

“Will powers of attorney work in our situation?”

“Should we try to become legal guardians of our grandchildren?”

“Should we seek to adopt our grandchild?”

Whatever legal issues you face as you care for a grandchild or grandchildren, a qualified family law attorney can provide peace of mind through customized solutions. Branch Law Firm welcomes your request for advice.

Individualized Counsel For Challenging Grandparenting Situations

Every family is unique, and legal solutions may also need to be customized. Perhaps your adult child is a single parent or divorced from the other parent. You may seek visitation rights when the other parent who is not your child stands in the way of your grandparent-grandchild relationship.

No matter what dilemmas you face in your cross-generational family relationships, at Branch Law Firm, we understand that you have your grandchildren’s long-term well-being at heart. We are equipped to help you negotiate or even fight for their best interests.

Get Answers And Help To Suit Your Needs

There are no cookie-cutter solutions for grandparents who seek rights to visit or care for grandchildren. Attorney Crista Marichalar Branch is available to listen sympathetically, and then clearly explain your legal options and how to pursue the right option for your family.

To schedule a consultation about grandparents’ rights, call (210) 229-2088 or complete our brief online form. We hope to hear from you and explore solutions that can help you preserve your precious grandparent-grandchild bonds.