Military Divorce

Divorce Support For The U.S. Military

If you or your spouse is a member of the U.S. military or a veteran, you may encounter issues that don’t exist in civilian divorces. What happens to a case in progress if the military spouse is sent out of state or overseas? How can child custody be planned when one parent may be deployed at any time? What will happen to a military pension or other benefits affecting both spouses?

Branch Law Firm, in San Antonio, has gained a strong reputation among military personnel and their spouses who seek legal counsel tailored to their needs. Discuss your concerns about military divorce when one or both of you usually live in Texas. Contact attorney Crista Marichalar Branch for information and advice.

Work With A Lawyer Who Understands Your Case Well

We believe it is essential for military families to work with a Texas family law attorney who understands the specifics and complexities of military divorce. Attorney Branch can guide you confidently through aspects of your military divorce such as the following:

Child custody and visitation: We can propose parenting plans that allow the active-duty parent to maintain a strong and steady bond with their children. If grandparents will play a role, we have valuable insights to share on how to make that kind of arrangement go smoothly.

Division of community assets and liabilities: In military divorces, there is a piece of property not seen in civilian courts – military pensions. Although subject to division, there are specific rules involved. We will put together a military pension division order (MPDO) that meets the required legal standards.

If one of you is deployed overseas, we will inform you of the modified deadlines for responding to a divorce petition or motions leading up to your divorce.

Talk With Us About Your Military Divorce

At Branch Law Firm, we have extensive experience in all types of family law situations involving the military. Whether you need to complete an uncontested divorce as soon as possible because you are about to deploy or need help to finalize a Texas divorce while you are overseas, we’re here to help.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with a military divorce attorney, reach out to us online or call (210) 229-2088.